The Pub’s Contribution to the World

Old-Pub-Pomaz-WP40Originating in England more than two thousand years ago, pubs have long been an integral part of British culture. For a resident of the United Kingdom, going to the pub is a common and frequent event. The expansion of the British Empire brought pubs to many other parts of the world. Today, pubs are commonly found in countries across the globe, and the unique practices of club patrons can be seen in foreign lands as well.

The Pub Crawl

The pub crawl can be a small excursion taken by a few friends or a large and boisterous event enjoyed by hundreds. A pub crawl occurs when revelers choose to patronize several pubs, bars, or taverns in rapid succession. Normally a pub crawl calls for a minimum of one drink being consumed at each establishment. Pub crawls can be terminated after only three or four taverns are visited or can stretch all night until a dozen or so bars are checked off the list. Industrious types add entertainment to their crawl, often incorporating a scavenger hunt into the festivities. The best pub crawls are well organized with a list of destinations being decided upon in advance and logistics, including safe transportation, being arranged beforehand.

The Pub Quiz

The pub quiz is a simple game that has become a worldwide phenomenon. Put simply; a pub quiz is a trivia contest where contestants answer questions in a competition. Normally the winners gain no more than bragging rights, but in the largest and most organized contests, cash prizes are available. The game is growing. The advancement of technology has made databases of questions and answers easy to access, and small interactive screens are now part of the process.

Both Pub Crawls and Pub Quizzes have become part of the culture and language in parts of the globe far removed from the United Kingdom, proving the influence of pub culture on the rest of the world.