The 5 Most Popular Beers on Tap in a Pub

1200px-Beer_tapsPubs exist around the world, but the true home of the Public House is the United Kingdom. Part bar, part restaurant, and all neighborhood meeting place the pub has become renowned for its offering of beer fresh from the tap. Here is a list of the five most popular types of beer found on tap in the best pubs in Great Britain.

  • Bitter. A mild beer, bitter is brewed using a high amount of hops. The result is amber or caramel colored liquid. Marketed with several other adjectives such as premium, regular, or extra special the difference between the varieties is negligible.
  • Brown Ale. Although packed with flavor, brown ales can be deceptive in that they contain less alcohol by volume than other beers on tap. Brown ales are known for their sweetness and easy drinkability.
  • Porter. Sometimes referred to as it’s close cousin the stout, porters are dark beers with a bitter flavor. Porters credit their unique flavor to the use of toasted ingredients in the recipe. Often porters are described as having a coffee flavor due to their brewing process.
  • Lager. English beer is traditionally in the ale family but lager is not. Quickly growing in popularity in the Great Britain beer market, lagers are brewed differently than ales in that they are bottom fermented. Pilsner, a type of lager, is the most popular type of beer in the world.
  • Cider. Although not a beer, cider is a fermented alcoholic drink, is served in pubs, and is popular in England. Cider traditionally comes from apples. Once a staple of pub goers, cider has been losing popularity with younger drinkers and has been taken off the menu at more modern drinking establishments.

To understand England, it is important to understand the beer consumed there. Beer is part of the British culture and is reflective of the customs and rich history of the region.