More than Darts and Cribbage: Gambling at the Pub

P1013817aFor generations gaming at the local public house meant throwing darts or breaking out a cribbage board. The winner had bragging rights up and down the street until the next contest was decided, usually the following Friday night after the pay envelope was ripped open and a few pints were tipped. Today, gaming is very different. With scratch tickets, sports betting, and the ubiquitous one-armed bandits, gaming has become high stakes and high excitement. Throw in online gambling on sites like all British casino, and the pub becomes a gambler’s paradise. It is like getting your cider in Vegas.

The Gambling Act Changed the Game

In England, it has always been legal to make small wagers on games such as cribbage at the pub. However, with the passing of the Gambling Act in 2005, rules and regulations restricting gambling became much more lenient, especially in venues licensed to sell alcohol. Once this legislation passed pubs became a mecca for placing bets on all types of activities, from football matches to slot machines. Gambling at the pub has become commonplace just as it has in other parts of society.

The Rise of English Gaming

Gambling in England is fast becoming a favorite national pastime. With the creation of new lotteries, widespread betting on sports events, and the opening of new casinos annually, there is a game for everyone. Online gambling is extremely popular as English players do not have to worry about taxation on their winnings. There are none. This has stimulated the growth of many English online betting sites as the need for off-shore organizations does not exist.

Many parts of the world attempt to limit opportunities to gamble with heavy-handed laws and strict regulation. England has chosen the opposite route. In the past decade, English gambling has exploded in popularity and does not look to be slowing down anytime soon.