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The Pub’s Contribution to the World

Originating in England more than two thousand years ago, pubs have long been an integral part of British culture. For a resident of the United Kingdom, going to the pub is a common and frequent event. The expansion of the

The Wildest Little Street in North America

There are many noteworthy nightlife strips in North America, but the street that has the most bars per square foot is in the most easterly province in Canada, Newfoundland. George Street is found downtown St. John’s, the province’s capital city,

Fine Dining Etiquette

Fine dining restaurants are artisan eating establishments that focus on food and service quality, offering upscale items prepared expertly in a lavish atmosphere. Ironed table linens, an assortment of silverware, an extensive wine selection and sophisticated customer service offer guests

Summertime Sample Menu

Having friends and family over for dinner can be so much fun. Good company, laughter, yummy food. Preparing a menu for your guests is a neat way to present your features for people to drool over, and can be fun

The 5 Most Popular Beers on Tap in a Pub

Pubs exist around the world, but the true home of the Public House is the United Kingdom. Part bar, part restaurant, and all neighborhood meeting place the pub has become renowned for its offering of beer fresh from the tap.

A New Breed of Pub

Pubs all over the world are traditionally thought of as small, dark, old-fashioned places where men and women go to drink beer, whiskey, wine and spirits after a hard day at work. They’re also known for their relatively simple “pub

More than Darts and Cribbage: Gambling at the Pub

For generations gaming at the local public house meant throwing darts or breaking out a cribbage board. The winner had bragging rights up and down the street until the next contest was decided, usually the following Friday night after the

A Brief History of the British Pub

The history of pubs in the United Kingdom follows closely with the history of the British Isles. Today, pubs are thought of as a decidedly English concept, but it was not always that way. The first public houses were not