About Us: Celebrating The Venerable Public House

Public Houses have been part of British culture for thousands of years. Pubs, as they are more commonly known, have long acted as more than a place to drink beer or throw darts, they are the center of the local community. A place to see friends and catch up on the news, or gossip, of the day. Pubs play an important social role across Great Britain. Through our articles and features, this website strives to honor the legacy and tradition of the traditional pub.

Dating back to Roman times, pubs have been a fixture in the English landscape. Our site produces informative and well-researched pieces exploring the cultural relevance of historic pubs and their impact on modern British society. Without pubs, many towns and villages would not be where they are today, nor would railways and roads. Pubs laid the groundwork for the rise of population centers throughout the British Isles and shaped the map we use today.

Of course, we have not forgotten about what makes pubs great. Our site offers information about the best beer, food, and entertainment provided in modern public houses. From Bitters to Stout, every beverage poured is an opportunity to taste review and share the results with you. Each month this website features different recipes from pubs that you can make at home, bringing the relaxed atmosphere of pub life to an event in your home.

Pub culture is important to us, and through this website, we attempt to share the very best aspects of public houses with viewers around the world.